Monday, August 04, 2014

Old Love Cool

Today's topic has a million meanings. I'm back at my blog; an old love, I'm back in the dating pool; we're all old, and I read a great little book called "Dear Old Love"; old love cool.  

There's a line in the book that just about sums up everything about everything--even my current experience with getting back into the 50+ dating pool--it is a sentiment from an old lover to her ex and it reads, "You blew me all out of proportion."

So stay cool...

Friday, February 15, 2013

Its cool to expose yourself.

It is cool to expose yourself!  Look my darlings, I am not advocating popping your naked body into a trench coat and terrorizing people on the streets by whipping it open, I am taking about exposing who you really are and learning to recognize, embrace, fall in love with,, and then "expose" and live with who you really are in all its geeky, loud, obnoxious, snotty, moody, shy, awkward, unsure, bold, audacious, pompous, yes, sometimes drunken, foolish, repeat-the-same-mistakes-over-and-over, train wreck of a self.

My path to embracing my own train wreck of self is being reinforced through reading the works of an author I recently discoverd named Cheryl Strayed.  She wrote "Wild" and "tiny beautiful things-Advice on love and life from Dear Sugar".  So cool #1 is exposing yourself (any way you see fit!), cool #2 is Cheryl Strayed and anything written by her and to continue the journey of self exploration reading helps so, cool #3 is a site called A site where friends and strangers share comments and recommendations about the best books they just read or the worst--even the coolest.  Cool.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Laughing until your sides hurt cool

If you haven't watched the Science channel's "An Idiot Abroad" you have to put it on your "to do" list...I mean it...this is funny sh*t. I posted just one little outtake below, but you can watch the series online ( This series is so clever and dead-pan and, well, funny I had to turn it off for a bit because my sides hurt from laughing.

As a world-traveler (parent lived in Saudi Arabia for years) I've travelled with a few "Karls" myself over the years...gee, it didn't seem so funny then...anyway, Karl Pilkington cool.

An Idiot Abroad: China - Chinese delicacy

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sweet Little Nothings Around my Wrist

If you haven't checked out Alex and Ani bangles, you must! I am addicted to these bangles and my count is now up to 10. Made of "Russian Gold" (whatever that is), these are the most comfortable bracelets I have ever worn and they get compliments every time they catch someone's eye. They are simply sweet-little-nothings-around-my-wrist cool.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hey St. Valentine, its cool to be single.

It's easy for me to talk, I haven't been single since 10th grade--sheesh--but anyway, I love to tout the advantages of being single, especially on St. Valentine's Day. I call this "The-Day-Society-Shames-Single-People" Day. So what's cool about being single? Well, I like the tan line you get when you take the ring off. But let me list some cool things you can only do if you are single or at least alone for the day:

1. Take yourself out to a fine restaurant and luxuriate in the fine dining experience without having to entertain or even talk to the people at your table. I love to do this. People are so weirded out that you are alone they will baby you--people at the tables near you will strike up a conversation, the owner comes over to make sure you are okay, and the waiters pay extra attention to you because you are...well...alone! Here is a picture I took at Tallulah's in Birmingham, Michigan during a dinner "alone". So fun!
2. You can pursue your life's dream without it being a decision by popular vote. No more "ruling by consensus". So go do it, do it now...there is nothing and no one stopping you.
3. Being single doesn't mean being lonely. You have time to deepen those friendships! Call a sibling or a girlfriend now!
4. Being single does equal independence. (See "ruling by consensus", under #2) It feels good to know you can make it on your own. (Where are the "Mary Tyler Moore Shows" now a day?)
5. Finally, you won't have to worry about seeing her drivin' 'round town with the boy you love and saying "fuck you" and "fuck him, too"...hey, blame Cee Lo, I didn't write the lyrics.
Yeah, being single is "Happy F'ing Valentine's Day" cool.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Reborn an Osborn

I'm not talking about Ozzie...I'm talking about Osborn Design -- Cool shoes. Right now I've got patterns and color around my neck in the form of some cool winter snoods and scarves, but this spring and summer I will have that on my feet with a great pair of Osborn Design burlap and denim oxford saddle shoes...metatarsus cool.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

MEDIA: Have you ever been to the website ? It is really cool....i secretly think some aspects of my sister's personality are fucked up cool...